Company Overview

Our Mission

Health maintenance as system engineering.
Research. Development. Implementation.

«In every department of physical science there is only so much science, properly so-called, as there is mathematics.»
- Immanuel Kant

Our approach to maintaining health is based on a innovative method because we consider the human body as a self-regulating biochemical system, to which engineering approaches are applicable.

Company Description

is an innovative company that focuses on advanced research and development in the fields of human biochemistry, biotechnology and biogenic resources.

Our goal is the development and implementation of effective products, services and techniques that support active longevity and help overcome human health disorders.

is a privately held C Corporation, incorporated on 2019 in Miami, Florida. EIN: 84-3991372 , D-U-N-S: 10-184-4429
NAICS Codes: 325411, 325412, 511210, 541511, 541714, 541715
SIC Codes: 2833, 2834, 7371, 7372, 8731
ISICv4 Codes: 2100, 5820, 6201, 7210

    R&D directions:

  • Modern bio-active substances designed to improve people's quality of life, maintain health and prolong active longevity.
  • Computer-aided diagnostic systems with artificial Intelligence (CADm/AI, not CADe or CADx) for the comprehensive differentiated diagnosis of diseases, based on metabolic assessment, for prescribe drug therapy and lifelong accompanied patient treatment.

Fields of research: human biochemistry, metabolic medicine, evolutionary medicine, regenerative medicine, bioinformatics and traditional herbalism.


Ivan Mazin - Co-founder, Chairman, President and CEO

«We believe our accumulated knowledge should be used for everyone's benefit, therefore we have decided to create this company together.»

Vladimir Khusainov - Co-founder, Board Member, Vice President and CTO

«My friends asked me, “What the hell! You’re an engineer, how did you get into biochemistry?”
Well ... 20 years ago I drew a diagram of the Krebs cycle in the form of a graph. And so it all began. :)»