Miami, FL

CEO Message

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to introduce our company -

Its founding follows a dramatic event in my personal life, during which I had suffered both a heart attack and a stroke, which was followed by a difficult but complete recovery and a return to a full active life. Due to the lifestyle changes I have made, I actually feel younger than before.

Vladimir Khusainov, my friend and now partner, is along with myself a co-founder of Thanks to him, my health is much better now.

He is not only a top level engineer, but for more than 20 years he has engaged in the independent research of bioactive substances and their effect on the human body using system analysis methods and practice as a consultant.

We believe our accumulated knowledge should be used for everyone's benefit, therefore we have decided to create this company together.

Our goal is the development and implementation of effective products and techniques that support active longevity and help overcome human health disorders. We invite investors to our projects. We are open for negotiations with all interested parties.

More information is soon coming to this website. Do not miss out!


Ivan Mazin
Chairman and CEO